bus side mirror

It is said that a driver usually has three eyes while on the road. They have their own two eyes, and the third eye is usually the mirrors. Mirrors act as a safety precaution to the driver to help them see what is happening around the bus without the need of turning their heads back and get their eyes off the road. The mirrors help the driver of any vehicle to view the road and the traffic behind them. They are also in a position of seeing both sides of the bus. In addition to that, they can park better and even exit the parking thanks to the mirrors. One of the vehicles that have most mirrors is the bus.

Different mirrors on the bus

Side mounted flat mirrors

These are found on both sides of the bus. They help one in monitoring the traffic, clearance and identifying passengers on the sides and rear of the bus.vehicle side mirrors

Convex mirrors

These are found on both sides of the bus as well. They help the driver in seeing a wider field of view.

Cross-view mirrors

They are located on the front of the bus. They help the driver in seeing the area around the front of the bus should there be any small children passing by since it is so easy for them not to be seen by the driver without this kind of mirrors.

Passenger mirror

This mirror helps the driver to see what is happening on the bus whether they are any people alighting or if there is any problem.

When it comes to how to choose the right mirror for your bus, the following should be considered.

The make and model of the bus

Each model of a bus has its different mirror that suits it. One should find out from the seller of the mirror if the mirror they buy fitted the model of the bus they are driving. This will help in ensuring that the mirrors bought will serve the purpose for which they were intended.


Location and finish of the mirror

This is more applicable to those who want to replace any mirror that may have been broken or damaged. One should know the location to determine the kind of mirror that they will buy. One will also have to decide the finishing the mirror will have whether they will want it smooth, textured or even just stainless steel.

Mirror adjustments

side mirrorThere are different types of mirrors adjustments: manual mirrors will need to be adjusted by someone outside the car so that they are in the right position. Manual remote mirrors are adjusted from a lever inside the bus. Lastly, there are powered mirrors which have an electrical connection which has a panel for adjusting at the driver’s door and velvac mirrors is the best we found in this category. Check velvac mirrors here and choose the best auto mirror that fits your bus.

Matching the existing wiring harness

If the wiring harness does not match that of the mirror, it is more probable that one has ordered the wrong mirror. One should ensure that they check the mirrors properly to ensure they match. The mirror should also be the correct one for the type of bus to ensure it fits perfectly.