A Closer Look At Paint Overspray Removal


Paint overspray happens much sooner than most people expect. In most instances, you only realize an overspray when you see some color specs and when you feel some bumps when you run your hand over the body of the vehicle. Notably, paint overspray often results when someone paints the car without paying attention or when some paint particles carried by air land on your vehicle. Here is an overview on how to remove or deal with an overspray.

First removal


For the first removal, you only need to wipe the paint off using some olive oil. If the paint is still wet, you will be able to deal with the overspray easily. If the point is partly dried up, rubbing olive oil serves to loosen the paint from the surface. In case the paint is all dried up, you might be required to work to loosen the paint.

Use a paint thinner

A paint thinner is used to dissolve the paint. Before using the thinner, it is advisable to be cautious during the application process. First, you need to protect your hands by using some gloves. Put some amounts on a rag to be damp and not soaked. You also need to be careful when applying the thinner and ensure it does not drop on other areas. A thinner will certainly help you remove a significant amount of the overspray. In case you are unable to obliterate the overspray, you might be required to repeat the process over again.


Once you are done with thinning, and there is still some over spray left, you might clean the areas with a smooth cloth or some cotton wool until the overspray is cleared. This is the final step, and it should leave you with a perfect surface.

ASAaxdSdThis is just a general overview of what professional paint removal experts do. However, the approach used can vary considerably depending on the type and intensity of the overspray. For a fact, this should not be everyone’s job as much as most car owners go the DIY route.

Benefits of professional overspray removal

Hiring a paint removal expert comes with many advantages. First, you do not run the risk of making things worse. As such, you are assured of timely services considering that professionals have the skills and tools needed to handle any overspray. If you have any queries, you can always rely on professionals for expert advice.…

Different types of motor insurance


Most states laws normally mandate that all drivers should be insured. However, this is not always the case. The insurance company typically issues prevention policy against public liability. This kind of liability occurs mainly on road accident. It’s also referred to as motor vehicle insurance. Click here for the trade insurance quote. It’s insured on cars, trucks and any other road vehicles.

Types of motor insurance

Comprehensive coverage


This kind of insurance covers many things including damage to your car. It’s one of the products of an insurance company that is great to purchase. It covers fire, hijacking, floods, and another’s party’s vehicle and accidents among many other damages that the car experience. Though it covers so much, it is also costly to an individual especially if the vehicle can affordably be replaced.

Personal injury

This is a must-have product for all motor vehicle owners. It covers costs associated with accidents on a person. These costs include medical bills to passengers and the insured no matter who is at fault of the incident. You never predict whether or not an accident will occur. Thus an insurer mitigates such unforeseen events that are likely to occur.

Liability insurance

This product covers the costs of repairing any property damaged during the accident including medical bills of any injuries arising. It’s the most common type of motor insurance across many countries. In most states, there is a minimum amount set for this insurance. But it is advisable to have the premium higher than the minimum requirement. Setting the value higher gives you extra protection if you’re found to be responsible for the accident.

Collision coverage

This is a cover for repairs to your car in case you hit another vehicle or fixed object. If the cost of repair is more than the value of the car, the insurer only pays the value of the car. This product is more attractive to those purchasing a new vehicle. For older vehicles may not be prudent for you to take depending on the value. For expensive vehicles, collision returns you to the same position you were before the damage.

 Uninsured/under-insured motorist protection



This occurs where you as the uninsured and under-insured motorist you are assisted in expenses of the damage. There cases where you are legally responsible for the damages that have occurred. In this case, you may not receive any payment or receive less than what is required to cover the expenses. This type of insurance is inexpensive to have given the risks it covers.

Taxi Moto Service: An Amazing Alternative


Paris is one of the most crowded cities in the world. This has a great impact on the mobility around the city. During the day, and especially at peak hours, the dense amount of traffic that flows through the city makes it really complicated for citizens to move from one place to the other. This is the reason why the city is eager to find alternative ways to get from point A to B in a fast, effective way.


An Amazing Alternative: Moto Taxi

One of the innovative solutions observed lately in the streets of Paris is a fleet of white motorcycles that take passengers to their destination. This method is gaining popularity because of the velocity to which these bikes can surf the traffic. In addition, these motor bikes have a comfortable seat destined to the passengers, right behind the driver. Moreover, it also has a compartment for luggage or shopping bags. People in a hurry can benefit profoundly from this swift service, an option to the endless traffic jams.

What Make Moto Taxi Stand Out

This service is not the first taxi moto service in the world. There are countries where this practice is well permeated into their mobility culture. Nevertheless, several features make companies like Moto Taxi Line shine above the usual models of this transport category. For starters, even though the bikes are fast, their size is small enough to fit in between other vehicles on the streets. This fact is the main vantage point of motorcycles over cars: there are no traffic jams for slim, two wheeled vehicles.


Another feature is that the passenger seat is remarkably comfortable. The seat is equipped with a seatbelt as well as security panels at both sides. In the case of extreme weather, the taxi moto paris also has overall protection for their customers. In addition, the passengers can ride hands-free as if they were inside of a traditional, four-wheeled taxicab.

The helmets used are also worth to notice. Robust, these helmets were designed following the highest standards. In the rare event of an accident, the passengers have the best protection available. The helmets are also provided with internal communication systems that allow passengers talk to each other without having to scream against the wind as well as the noise around them.

Effectiveness Of The Service

Since this system was installed, it has grown steadily in terms of popularity. It has been featured in a few variety spots on local TV. In addition, a simple search on the internet reveals plenty of selfies as well as short videos of customers enjoying the ride.

Lack Of Publicity

A possible weak point is the lack of social network presence. One of the big tools of the strong positioning transportations brands is media popularity. One example of this is Uber. The presence of this company in terms of social media is unrivaled, and it is one of the factors that helped the company take a light-year leap into worldwide fame.



Ways of choosing a paintless dent repair shop


At some point, you may experience car damages because of hailstones that rained while your car was parked or as you were going home. The car will need Hail Repair because of the damages it will get after the incidence. There are several ways of fixing the car body damages and one of the most significant methods is the paintless dent repair which is more efficient than the conventional method of body repairing.

Traditionally repairing your car body would take as a whole month before the process is completed. However, with paintless technique, your car will be in good shape after a maximum of 3 days. You will also need to find an excellent paintless repair shop that will repair in the best way possible. However, there are several paintless repair shops out there and selecting the best will be somehow stressing. In this article, we give you some of the tips for choosing the best shop.

Consider the experience of the shop

If you want to receive the best car body paintless repair services, it will be crucial for you to check on the refdfgexperience of the shop. An experienced shop will be in a position to offer services that are exceptional. This means that the long experience will be able to handle even severe damages which many establishing paintless shops will not be able to handle. On the other hand, such a shop will tackle diligently any problems which may arise during the process.

Check out for reviews

teffefeYou will also need to check on the internet for reviews that the shop you wish to hire has received from the previous clients. You should not also neglect word of mouth: that is what other people are saying about the services the shop offers. Similarly, not all body shops have an internet presence. On the other hand, you will get the best body shop when you ask for referrals from neighbors or friends.

Choose shops with warranty

At times some shops will promise you a given services but will do less than what they promised, and this can be frustrating. For this case find paintless dent repair shops that offer a warranty on the work they do. This will give you some assurance of the work that will be done on your car. Similarly, you should understand the period the warranty elapses and conditions which may limit your coverage. You can also consider working with shops that have worked with reputable insurance companies in your state.


How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Bus

bus side mirror

It is said that a driver usually has three eyes while on the road. They have their own two eyes, and the third eye is usually the mirrors. Mirrors act as a safety precaution to the driver to help them see what is happening around the bus without the need of turning their heads back and get their eyes off the road. The mirrors help the driver of any vehicle to view the road and the traffic behind them. They are also in a position of seeing both sides of the bus. In addition to that, they can park better and even exit the parking thanks to the mirrors. One of the vehicles that have most mirrors is the bus.

Different mirrors on the bus

Side mounted flat mirrors

These are found on both sides of the bus. They help one in monitoring the traffic, clearance and identifying passengers on the sides and rear of the bus.vehicle side mirrors

Convex mirrors

These are found on both sides of the bus as well. They help the driver in seeing a wider field of view.

Cross-view mirrors

They are located on the front of the bus. They help the driver in seeing the area around the front of the bus should there be any small children passing by since it is so easy for them not to be seen by the driver without this kind of mirrors.

Passenger mirror

This mirror helps the driver to see what is happening on the bus whether they are any people alighting or if there is any problem.

When it comes to how to choose the right mirror for your bus, the following should be considered.

The make and model of the bus

Each model of a bus has its different mirror that suits it. One should find out from the seller of the mirror if the mirror they buy fitted the model of the bus they are driving. This will help in ensuring that the mirrors bought will serve the purpose for which they were intended.


Location and finish of the mirror

This is more applicable to those who want to replace any mirror that may have been broken or damaged. One should know the location to determine the kind of mirror that they will buy. One will also have to decide the finishing the mirror will have whether they will want it smooth, textured or even just stainless steel.

Mirror adjustments

side mirrorThere are different types of mirrors adjustments: manual mirrors will need to be adjusted by someone outside the car so that they are in the right position. Manual remote mirrors are adjusted from a lever inside the bus. Lastly, there are powered mirrors which have an electrical connection which has a panel for adjusting at the driver’s door and velvac mirrors is the best we found in this category. Check velvac mirrors here and choose the best auto mirror that fits your bus.

Matching the existing wiring harness

If the wiring harness does not match that of the mirror, it is more probable that one has ordered the wrong mirror. One should ensure that they check the mirrors properly to ensure they match. The mirror should also be the correct one for the type of bus to ensure it fits perfectly.…

Uses Of The OBD2 Scanner


Most of the advanced vehicles are fitted with computer systems which are used to manage and control them. These computer systems are also referred as On Board Diagnostics. When is switched on, the computer systems monitor the car? The calibrations on the fuel injection and ignition timing are controlled and measured by the systems. It aids an individual in a car to read data from mass airflow and oxygen sensors. In the year 1996, the OBD2 was introduced in the motor vehicle industry. It was made as a mandatory device to be installed in cars which are manufactured in the United States of America. Click here for the best obd2 scanner.

The codes from OBD2 are alphanumeric, and the reference number can be found in the service manual of the vehicle. A car owner checks for the code and searches it. The cause of the problem in the car is indicated by the code.

Kinds of OBD2 scanners


In the market, there are existences of various kinds of OBD2 scanners. It includes simple types which are manufacturer specific and complicated types which read codes from OBD and origin edition of OBD. The majority of OBD2 scanners are manufactured in several languages. An LCD monitor is included which allows a person to view charts and graphs and also read data. One should consider buying extender cables. The LCD screen allows an individual record and replays stored vehicle data and performance of the engine when it is running. The information from the car can be printed with the aid of a laptop or computer.

OBD2 being used

In the vehicle, each kind of OBD2 scanner has a particular screen, menu, and functionality. One is advised to consult the device’s owner’s manual. A person should connect the scanning device to the vehicle’s OBD2 port. The data link connector is suited underneath the dashboard or under the steering wheel. It is recommended to be placed near the driver’s feet in his or her driving position. An ignition switch is included which is for switching on and off purposes. When the device is turned on, diagnostics menu should be navigated.

OBD2 scan tool



The OBD2 scanning tool helps the owner of the vehicle to carry out diagnosis while seated. In the process, one will save a lot of money whereby mechanics are not hired to conduct diagnosis of the engine of the car. The check engine light is regarded as an essential aspect of a vehicle and should be investigated. The fee charged for labor is minimized since the code can detect the problem in the car.


Additional Tips to Help You Organize Your Car

Do you have junk in your trunk? Do you have items carelessly thrown all over inside your car? Then it’s time you get your car organized. You should keep your car neat so that your friends will appreciate how neat and organized your car is. Here are some clever ideas to help you maintain an organized car.

Car Trunk Organizers

Car trunk organizer is actually a must have if you own a car with a trunk. It will help you to keep your trunk organized by keeping all the items in one place. It also prevents the rolling over of items in your trunk while your car is in motion. You can also put your car fluids in one place to avoid spillage.
Car trunk organizers will also help you to keep all your grocery bags together. You will also be able to keep groceries and baby items in one place so that you save some space in your trunk.

Silicone Cupcake Liners

Silicone cupcake liners will help you keep the interior of your car clean and organized. This is because your car trunk is not the only place that you need to keep organized. Cup holders usually get grimy easily. Cleaning the cup holder is usually difficult. You will, therefore, need silicone liners to keep it away from dirt. These liners are usually reusable and easy to clean.

Contain Loose Change

You don’t want to come across your loose change everywhere in your car from your car floors to your car seats. Therefore, you can put those gum containers to good use by using them to store your loose change. The good thing about these gum containers is that they easily fit into cup holders.

Trash Can

It’s important that you have a trash can in your car. You should put this trash can in a place where you can easily access it while you are inside your car. A good place would be in the backseat of your car.

Organize the Kids

One of the items that can keep your car messy is the kid’s stuff. You will, therefore, need to keep your kid’s stuff organized. If you like to carry some diapers around, you can keep them together in the car trunk organizer. If you want to keep your kids items in a place where you can easily reach them, you can utilize the back of your front seats.


Some Benefits Of The LED Light Bar Reviews


It is common for most people while driving their cars to have that great experience. This experience is usually possible if while driving you have a clear visibility of the road. Clear visibility guarantees some safety to whoever is driving or being driven. The LED light bars are responsible for giving you that clear visibility mostly during the evening when it is dark. You should always make sure that you have the best-LED light bars fitted on your vehicle.  A LED light bar is an array of some high- luminosity light which can be short or long. ​Click here for the light bars for sale. Below we discuss some of the benefits of the LED lights bar and their reviews.

Powerful than ordinary lights


Unlike the ordinary lights, the LED light bar is much powerful and produces a high-luminosity light. The amount of luminous light produced by the LED light bars has been proved to be much extremely effective hence giving some better illumination than what most people currently have in their cars and vehicles. For this reason, many people prefer the LED light in their office equipment and construction sites as opposed to the normal, ordinary lights.

Energy saving

If you are the kind who likes equipment that saves energy, then you should try the LED light bar. As opposed to the ordinary lights which many people tend to use, the LED has been proven to consume less energy in lighting.  The LED does not emit much heat as opposed to the ordinary light and hence the consumption of energy from the LED is minimal.  This fact, however, has no effect on the power of the illumination.

Wider lighting options

Unlike the Ordinary lights which come with your vehicle, the LED light is known to have a wider lighting option.  The kind of light that comes with a person’s vehicle usually has a basic spot. LED lights on the other hand usually have different styles of lighting like for example the auxiliary and cuticle lighting styles. This means that you have more options with the LED light as opposed to the normal, ordinary light.

Safer option


LED light is safe to use for your lighting unlike other types of lighting. This is because the LED light does not emit any chemicals that are harmful or any form of elements that are dangerous in the functionality of the LED light bars.  Experts of both health and electronics have noted that the LED light has excellent capabilities of good lighting without compromising the health of its users. ​Watch the video below for the LED light bars comparisons;

Choosing The Right Car Mechanic

When choosing the right car mechanic, one needs to take some time to think carefully. This is because there are several options. There are also many car mechanics these days than before, and all of them seem to be qualified for their duties. This is somehow challenging to many people who are in need of one. That’s why there are several factors one should put into consideration to choose a trustworthy and affordable mechanic from the many experts.

These are some of the guidelines on how to choose the right car mechanic


This is one of the best ways of finding the right mechanic around your place. One should seek for referrals from friends or family members who own cars. Everyone who owns a car must have a mechanic or work with a mechanic at one point in time. Therefore, he or she will be in a good position to recommend to you the best mechanic who served them if he or she was up to the task. These people will also refer you to the best mechanics around your place for they might have worked with most of these mechanics, therefore, they will advise you to go for one who will suit you and your car.


This is another great and easier way of finding right mechanics as well as the repair experts around your place. It is the most appropriate way because you can do research from your house and find out the expert mechanic shops around your place as well as the type of cars they specialize in. This will give you an easy time to select a few mechanic shops which you can then call for more inquiries and even visit them for more information concerning costs, availability and if they can fix your car problem as well as establish the time that it will take them to fix the problem.

Review sites

Nowadays there are so many review sites on the internet for people looking for mechanics. These sites enable one to review and rate the experience of different mechanics. One needs to log into the review sites so as to check on mechanics who are around your place and the most liked mechanic around your area which will help you know which mechanic shop to choose for your car considering; cost, availability and the level of professionalism.


Having the best and right professional by your side is the best way of keeping the car running like a new one without stressing or hassling. Even though you choose a repair shop or a mechanic shop around your place this cannot be compared to having the best professional who will look at your car anytime, you need it to be checked or when you experience a problem. This will help in avoiding more expensive long-term fixes, and who can as well give you real prices. Remember that your car makes life easier for you, therefore, taking care of it well means it will serve you for the much longer time ahead. You should then treat your car as an investment by working with a trustworthy professional mechanic so as to get the best out of you car.…

Benefits Of Leasing A Car

If you are in the market looking to purchase a car for your family, worry not even if you do not have enough money to make a down payment. You can still get a new vehicle soon if you consider the option of leasing a car. Many people don’t have the slightest idea that leasing a car or vehicle can offer you numerous benefits. While the majority of people, if asked, will be skeptical of this idea, you should be informed that it can be very advantageous on the one hand.

Car leasing can offer an individual great flexibility more especially when it comes to the issue of choosing the type of car that one chooses to drive. With improved safety features, flexible and affordable monthly payments and the maintenance packages that come with leasing, you will find these deal as being better compared to purchasing a new car.

Advantages that one can gain from leasing car as opposed to buying

Chance of purchasing the car

When you have undertaken a lease, chances are high that you will have a good opportunity of purchasing the car when the lease expires. In instances like this, the monthly payment that you have been making will be considered as part of the purchasing price of that car. So you will only need to pay a smaller amount than the market price of the vehicle at the time that you are purchasing it.

Major savings

When you lease, you are paying for the depreciation of the vehicle while you are using it. It should be noted that the average car depreciates the moment it is driven out of the yard. When you only pay for this, you are sure to save some considerable amount of money throughout the lease. The savings can be used in debt payment, or one can use it to take a loved one out for dinner.

Test before purchase

Another advantage of undertaking a lease is that you get to test that particular car before you purchase it. Your lease can be equated to the rent of that vehicle in that at the end of it all you have the option of purchasing it or handing the keys back to the owners and walking away. If this car consumes a lot of gas or has many complications than you thought, them you will just return it to the leasing company and get a different brand. This would be near impossible if you made a purchase.

Gives you the chance to drive the latest model

If you are the type that wants to keep up with the latest car fashion, then leasing will surely give you the chance of keeping up with the latest trend. Leasing of cars will ensure that in every 2-3 years you will return your leased vehicle and you will get the latest car in the market. This one most probably must be loaded with all the gadgets that you will like.

If the advantages of leasing are appealing to you, then go ahead and get a lease of the car that you have been looking forward to driving.…

Park Jefferson Speedway – Jefferson, SD

Monday , June 26, 2001Monday , June 26, 2001

Our 16th Anniversary Year
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Snow, ice storms don’t dampen banquet
Banquet Champion Photos
2000 Season Awards

Park Jefferson Speedway is located in southeastern South Dakota, immediately north of the point where South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska meet.  This NASCAR 1/2 mile oval hosts drivers from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and neighboring states, competing every Saturday night in four classes of dirt track racing. The track is owned and operated by Ted and Mary Jo Carlson, and managed by Evan Schoenfish. Still photography is produced and provided by CJ’s Visual Productions of Sioux City, Iowa. Come and enjoy the excitement of the areas best dirt track racing in the Weekly Racing Series.


Track Champions
NASCAR Late Model Feature Winners
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Biffle wins again at Milwaukee Mile…Orlando Sentinel   Mon Jul 01 2002 16:35:00 GMT+0700 (SE Asia Standard Time)Roundup: Biffle credits pit crew for win in Busch event…Seattle Times   Mon Jul 01 2002 15:48:00 GMT+0700 (SE Asia Standard Time)Northwest auto racing: Norris’ victory a real bonus…Seattle Times   Mon Jul 01 2002 15:48:00 GMT+0700 (SE Asia Standard Time)Moreover – add news to your website……